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Soft & Stable by Anne
By Annie's Soft and Stable™ is a terrific product which she developed to use in place of batting or other stabilizers in purses, bags, totes, home dec items, and more.
Why use Soft and Stable? Because it's superior to batting and other stabilizers. Made from 100% polyester foam, approximately an 1/8" thick, covered on both sides with white polyester fabric, it can easily be quilted or just sew around the edges of the pieces. Your project will have a professional "finished" look, no slouchy fabric or wrinkles. Very lightweight and maintains its shape even after washing and drying. The perfect choice for purses, bags and other craft projects. 58" wide.

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Ref # 1-2057_      $21.00 Yard         Quantity:  

Legacy Wool Batting
Bonded 100% super washed wool which has been through a process which aerates this soft and natural fiber. Wool is as sustainable as a natural fiber can be. This wool is the absolute ultimate in hand and machine quilting due to its airy loft that returns to original condition. Definition to the stitching is the quality highly sought by all quilt makers. The easiest to hand quilt. Shrinkage 0/2%. Stitching area up to 4", 96" wide.
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Ref # wr96      $16.25 Yard         Quantity:  

Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting
Bamboo is one of natures gifts, it is softer than cotton, biodegradable, and hypo allergenic. Blended with cotton for the perfect natural quilt batting. Kyoto Bamboo blend is cleaned without the use if harsh chemicals. Kyotos needle punch technology enables them to avoid the use of any binders or resins. This batting will not shift or shed through the cover of your quilt.
For a hand sewn look do not pre-shrink simply use right out of the package. Kyoto Blenb batting will shrink approximately 3% after washing.
Kyoto Blend is created with an ultralight and super strong substrate, so your quilt will outlast years of repeated use and washings - even when your stitches are a full 8" apart.
45% Natural Bamboo fibers, 45% Staple Cotton fiber, and 10% Non-woven Polypropylene reinforcement.

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Ref # LR1190      $14.38 Yard         Quantity:  

Pellon 905
Sew-in interfacing, light weight to sheer. 100% polyester, 20" wide, White.
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Ref # 905      $2.25 Yard         Quantity:  

Pellon 930
Sew-in interfacing, mid to heavy weight. 100% polyester, 20" wide, White.
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Ref # 930      $2.35 Yard         Quantity:  

Pellon 809 Deco-Bond
Fusible interfacing, sheer to mid weight. 44" wide, White.
Firm Iron-on Backing with Extra crispness. Used to add body and strength to fabrics used for projects such as eyeglass cases, tote bags, hat brims, visors, soft luggage, ect... For areas that require extra rigidity use two layers.
Create fabric flowers, ornament, soft books, advent calendars, toys; the ideas are endless.

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Ref # 809      $5.60 Yard         Quantity:  

Pellon Peltex - 72F
72F Peltex II Double Sided Fusible - Ultra Firm Stabilizer
Excellent for use in making such items as fabric postcards, fabric bowls, boxes, handbags, hat brims and anything that requires an extra firm stability.Easy to sew - Even when sandwiched with other fabrics. Will not flatten out or be distorted in steam pressing.Peltex has no grain and can be cut in any direction. 20" Wide,White Only

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Ref # 72F      $11.25 Yard         Quantity:  

HTC 3180
24" wide, White. Sew-in stabilizer.
Great to use when making T-Shirt Quilts. This stabilizer won't let your fabric stretch. Also works to suport machine embroidery. Soft and plyable without stretch.

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Ref # 3180      $1.90 Yard         Quantity:  

Pellon TP971F
White Fusible Thermolam Plus Fleece, 45" wide. A thicker and Heavier needle punched fleece for crafts quilting and home decor. 100% polyester, Iron-on application. Fusible on one side. Great from bags, table runners, and wall hangings.
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Ref # TP971F      $8.65 Yard         Quantity:  

Pellon 987F
White Fusible Fleece, 45" wide. Lofty 100% polyester fleece with easy, iron-on application. Fusible on one side. Great from bags, table runners, and wall hangings.
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Ref # 987F      $7.95 Yard         Quantity:  

Pellon 931F
White Fusible Interfacing, 20" wide. Mid-Heavy Weight. Fusible on one side. Great from Sportsshirts, Jackets, Activewear; all permanently retain their flexible or controlled shape. For wovens and knits
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Ref # 931TD      $3.50 Yard         Quantity:  

Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 Cotton
Heirloom Premium Cotton Batting is made from 80% long staple cotton fibers and 20% polyester. The combination of these creates a strong, long wearing batt, that is very easy to work with. Hobbs Heirloom Cotton will give your quilts a flatter, more traditional look of antique quilts, without the need for excessive quilting. It can be quilted as close as 1/4" and as far as 3 1/2" apart. Close quilting will be very flat, and more space between the quilting will give a slight amount of loft. This batt will shrink slightly (up to 5%), to give the characteristics of antique quilts. It may be pre-soaked if shrinkage is not desired.
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Ref # hobbs_80_20           
Off the Roll 96" Wide Yard $10.25
Off the Roll 120" Wide Yard $16.98


Hobbs Heirloom Bleached 100% Cotton
Heirloom Bleached 100% Cotton Batting is a natural fiber alternative for quilters using white or light colored fabrics. This batt is wonderful for hand or machine quilters, it can be quilted up to 3-4" apart while it continues to resist bunching or shifting. Made from the finest cotton available. It is very clean, bleached long staple 100% virgin cotton. It contains no scrim binders or resins. Needle punched with fine needles, especially designed to give a soft hand and even appearance. Made specifically for use with white and/or light colored fabrics, but can also be used with darker fabrics. Cotton should not migrate through dark colored fabrics like polyester, so you have more flexibility using cotton. Cotton has been known to punch through needle holes, however when washed, most of these fibers should disappear. This batt will shrink approximately 5% giving the characteristics of antique quilts and may be pre-soaked to reduce shrinkage.
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Ref # HBLYB108           
Off the Roll 108" Wide Yard $13.75


Warm & Natural
Warm and Natural Needled Cotton Batting is the prefect soft warm batting for quilts, crafts, and wearable art! See and feel the difference that Warm & Natural quality adds to you artistry. Create magnificent quilts, decorative wall hangings, cuddly soft sculpture dolls, and wonderful wearable art. Will not seperate, bunch, or beard. Leave upto 10 inches open when quilting. No resins or glue are used in Warm and Natural. The needling process used to make Warm & Natural holds the fibers together without glue so your quilting needle glides easily. Glue breaks down agter a few washins which causes lumps. Warm and Natural stays flat and even forever.
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Ref # warmnat           
Baby 45" X 60" Each $10.80
Twin 72" X 90" Each $28.75
Full 90" X 96" Each $29.98
Queen 90" X 108" Each $33.58
King 120" X 120" Each $53.98


Needle punched, insulating material ideal for home sewers and crafters. Create projects like pot holders, oven mitts, and casserole covers. Hollow, polyester fibers needlepunched through a nonwoven substrate and through a reflective metalized poly film. This reflective material resists radiant energy, reflecting the hot or cold back to its source. Breathable and won't break down with washing. Heat resistant, not heat proof. 45" wide.
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Ref # 6340      $6.58 Yard         Quantity:  

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