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Teton (Mountain Fusion) 2 Ply Bulky

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This vibrant yarn is a collaboration between Mountain Meadow Wool and Mountain Colors a renowned Montana Dye House. It comes in 13 brilliant color schemes and is a huggable, squishy hunk of softness. Fat single plied with a skinny single.

Hat pattern (shown in picture) included on label.

2-ply Bulky
Yarn Type: Semi-Worsted
100% Mountain Merino- Rambouillet Wool
Made in Buffalo, Wyoming USA

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TETON-GRASLAND, Mountain Meadow, Teton, Grassland Green


TETON-ICE, Mountain Meadow, Teton, Glacier Blue/Green


TETON-SKY, Mountain Meadow, Teton, Bright Sky Blue


TETON-WOOD, Mountain Meadow, Teton, Wood, Burgandy