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41435 Unicorn Books Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel

Whether your tall or short, curvy or slender, you deserve clothes that fit you perfectly. Fitted Kitts gives you patterns that create well fitted garments designed to accentuate your positives. You simply knit to your measurements, easily adjusting the pattern so its tailored to you unique shape. You'll be surprised at hoe easy it is to add shaping details that insure a perfect fit for you figure. There is something here to keep you knitting happily the whole year through, from lightweight summer tanks and T's to shrugs, wraps and cardigans perfect for those transitional times, and, or course, warm and cozy sweaters, vest and coats to get you through to cold months.
Inside Fitted Knits you'll find:
A how to fit you knits guide that shows you how to adjust the patterns in the book to get a perfect fit. 25 wearable fashions inspire knits for all seasons. A user friendly skill level guide so you know what to expect with each pattern. An essential information section including a abbreviation key, a knitting needle conversion charm, a helpful reference library and a list of great knitting websites. No more boxy, shapeless sweaters for you! Pickup you needles today and knit to fit.